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How do I pack my LCD Screens for Recycling?

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Step 1

Align LCD Screens Face-to-Face

Packing face-to-face will protect the screen and help save space!


Step 2

Align Pairs of Screens Back-to-Back

After Packing LCD Screens face-to-face pack each pair of screen back-to-back.


Step 3

Secure 5 Pairs of Screens Together

One set face-to-face the next set back-to-back. Sets of 10 ensure safety of screens during transport.


Step 4

Wrap screens in Bubble Wrap

Each set of 10 LCD Screens needs to be securely wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the screens during shipping.


Step 5

Prepare box for shipment

Each bubble wrapped set of screen should be securely placed and all empty spaces should be filled with packing peanuts.


Step 6

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