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Frequently Asked Questions


How should I pack my LCD’s?

Securely packaging your LCD’s can easily earn you an extra 10-20% yield on your recycles. Shipping couriers like UPS/FedEx/DHL handle thousands of boxes daily and your box is just a number to them. Your box may be tossed into many trucks and planes just in the journey from your store to our facility so safety of your recycling material is something you should prioritize. On the upside, smartphone screens are small items which can neatly be packaged into boxes of any size all with the help of some bubble wrap and tape. We have created a dedicated page with an example on how you can quickly package your screens for maximum safety which can be found HERE.

Packaging Tips

  • Aim to not go over 400 LCD’s in a single box.
  • See how to pack HERE.
  • Pack each LCD in an individual bubble bag sleeve if you can.
  • Ensure that the box is not shaking at all and is sturdy.

How does your process work?

1. Firstly, check out our current LCD buy-back pricing which can be found HERE.

2. Ship the items to us. You may arrange for your own shipping to the address on our website OR request a FREE shipping label HERE.

You may qualify for a FREE shipping label if:– You are shipping more than 50 LCD’s from USA or Canada.

– You are shipping more than 100 LCD’s from outside of North America

(for certain areas and in certain cases, we obtain the right to refuse a shipping label).


3. Once the items get to us, we take up to 7 days to test each and every single piece sent to us.

4. We then send you a detailed report broken down by model based on how many LCD’s are actually good, functioning and recyclable.

5. As soon as that’s cleared up, we fire off payment via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

How to quality for a FREE Shipping Label?

Over time, we have designed our process to make our service the easiest and most convenient to use. We offer FREE shipping labels to save your time!

  • We cover all shipping costs associated with your LCDs arriving at our facility (rules below).
  • US & Canadian customers must be shipping 50+ pieces to us for us to provide a free shipping label.
  • For INTERNATIONAL customers, shipping labels are available for over 100 pieces.
  • In certain locations we may refuse shipping labels but even then we will offer to cover shipping if quantity threshold is met.
  • We recommend LCD’s be shipped to us on Fridays or Mondays so they can arrive within the week and this way we can get testing done as soon as possible which mean you receive your money faster.

What payment methods are available for payouts?

In the past, we have offered various payment methods but moving forward we are choosing to only offer the following because of ease of transaction:

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Wire Transfer payments can take up to 3 business days before funds are available.
  • Payment via Western Union, Money Gram, SquareUp and Cheque is not available as of October 11th, 2015
  • Payments over $10,000 are only made via Wire Transfer.

Do you guys take LCD’s with dead pixels or red haze or backlight issues?


Some companies mark these LCD’s as completely defective and have no payout but we have the resources to sometimes fix these defects so we accept these. Wondering why our yield rates are significantly higher? Here you go.


Do you sell LCD screens?

Yes, to get an updated price list, please e-mail your account manager. We do not post these prices as they are incredibly volatile according to market supply and demand.

Due to high demand, our developing team is currently working to convert our website into an e-commerce website. This will allow customers to purchase LCD’s directly through our website.


Do you guys make any pre-payments for LCD’s?

The simple answer to this question is NO. We have never made any pre-payments to ANY clients.

We only make payment upon receiving and testing all screens.

Ease of Business

We do realize that some customers feel more comfortable if they are receiving credit up-front for their screens but there are many complications when it comes to that. The companies that might be paying a certain % up front will ONLY pay via PayPal because as we all know, funds paid via PayPal can always be claimed. Our volume is INCREDIBLY high and going through the hassle of charge-backs and disorganized accounting in case of disagreements does not suit our line of business.


What we recommend to first time customers is to try sending us a test package with a smaller than usual quantity. Not only does this allow customers to get a taste of our process but once they realize how fast and easy we are to deal with, they almost always become long term customers.


How much are you currently paying for LCD Screens?

Our LCD BuyBack prices are the best in the industry! Pricing is always up-to-date as our website is regularly maintained and e-mails are sent every Wednesday to keep clients informed. Our price list can be found HERE.


What LCD’s are you guys currently purchasing?

Currently, we purchase LCD’s for most Apple, Samsung and LG models.

A complete list of what LCD’s we are purchasing along with pricing can be found HERE.

– As of October 2015, we are no longer accepting LCD’s for Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, HTC and Sony models.


How long do you guys take to pay?

Our clients include some of the biggest name in the cellphone industry and we realize that getting paid quickly allows them to get back to their core business. Over time, we have simplified our process so that customers can get paid without any barriers or long wait times like other companies.

  • We provide a fast testing report once items arrive at our facility.
  • Our turn-around time is one of the fastest in the industry.
  • We accomplish this by having 5-6 trained testing techs on site at all times that ensure no report is ever late.
  • Once items are tested, they are audited and then the final report is shared with clients.
  • Rest assured, you will get paid faster than you think.

How often do LCD BuyBack prices change?

Not so often, but prices DO change.

For majority of models, price is usually stable unless a massive dump is made into the market or when new phones come out.

Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to always stay up to date with the latest LCD BuyBack prices. Although pricing does not change every single week, we believe that it is important to keep customers informed of current pricing at all times.

Our knowledge and influence in this industry counts for a lot and we have noted some interesting trends over time. Pricing for newer models are most volatile to change so customers should always try to get their LCD’s shipped to us as soon as they can to avoid losing money.
Even if pricing has changed after a shipping label has been issued, the pricing applies for the date of shipping so our customers are not hurt by a drop.

You can now subscribe to our mailing list by simply clicking the small airplane on the the right side of your screen.

How do you guys test LCD Screens?

We only test our LCD’s using PHONES. Phones are opened and attached to LCD connector cables to be created into testing devices.

Say NO to companies that use testing boxes that are available online.

1. These boxes are unreliable as they provide inaccurate results. These boxes can easily fail 10-30% of screens that are completely working.

2. Your LCD came off of a phone and is going to be used on a phone so it is best practice to test using a phone.

We test every screen in 3 colours: Black, Gray and White. We specifically test screens for:

  • Backlight
  • Dead pixels
  • Red Haze
  • Lines
  • Screen burns
  • Pressure spots
  • Touch functionality

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