Do you guys make any pre-payments for LCD’s?

The simple answer to this question is NO. We have never made any pre-payments to ANY clients.

We only make payment upon receiving and testing all screens.

Ease of Business

We do realize that some customers feel more comfortable if they are receiving credit up-front for their screens but there are many complications when it comes to that. The companies that might be paying a certain % up front will ONLY pay via PayPal because as we all know, funds paid via PayPal can always be claimed. Our volume is INCREDIBLY high and going through the hassle of charge-backs and disorganized accounting in case of disagreements does not suit our line of business.


What we recommend to first time customers is to try sending us a test package with a smaller than usual quantity. Not only does this allow customers to get a taste of our process but once they realize how fast and easy we are to deal with, they almost always become long term customers.