How should I pack my LCD’s?

Securely packaging your LCD’s can easily earn you an extra 10-20% yield on your recycles. Shipping couriers like UPS/FedEx/DHL handle thousands of boxes daily and your box is just a number to them. Your box may be tossed into many trucks and planes just in the journey from your store to our facility so safety of your recycling material is something you should prioritize. On the upside, smartphone screens are small items which can neatly be packaged into boxes of any size all with the help of some bubble wrap and tape. We have created a dedicated page with an example on how you can quickly package your screens for maximum safety which can be found HERE.

Packaging Tips

  • Aim to not go over 400 LCD’s in a single box.
  • See how to pack HERE.
  • Pack each LCD in an individual bubble bag sleeve if you can.
  • Ensure that the box is not shaking at all and is sturdy.